Sunday, February 21, 2010

Memories from Hong Kong and Award

There are a couple of new shopping malls opened in Singapore recently. One of them is Ion, a rather huge shopping centre. No plans to boost the economy at the moment and we are happy doing window shopping. We explored every level as we are uhmm... we have too much free time. I saw 'ThreeSixty' and memories of my Hong Kong trip in 2009 came flowing back to me, still vivid in my mind. There is a ThreeSixty supermarket in Elements, Kowloon Station and they sell my favourite yorgurt 'Muller' brand. I want to go back to Hong Kong. I miss Hong Kong. 我喜歡香港 ! I can't wait to catch up with my friends in HK. Visiting HK is a yearly affair for me even if I am going there alone. And yes, HK is part of my travel plans in 2010. HK is always one place which is very close to my heart. My HK friends find it odd and unable to construe why I love HK so much, more than they do, apparently. To me, you do not need a reason why you like or enjoy doing certain things sometimes. Ok, that's all for HK now.

I have another happy news to share with my readers: I received another blog award! This award is given to me by Fimere of Aux Delices Des Gourmets.
With this award, I am going to dedicate to the following:

Cheers to all the food bloggers who always make an effort to feast the readers' eyes with their creative and yummy food presentations.


Deeba PAB said...

Thankyou for the award Corine; that is just so sweet of you. I am honoured that you chose to include me in your list. GRACIAS!!
Did you lve in HK before? I think I shall ask you where to shop for baking stuff when the hub visits HK next.=)

Corine said...

Hi Deeba,

You're welcome! I love the photos of your food in your blog. Very well-taken. Yes,I used to live in HK before. I don't bake when I was living in HK then. I will be going to HK again soon. Probably, you can email me a list what baking stuff you are looking for, I can go check them out when I go there. So, when are you going to HK?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thank you for the award Corine.

I think you love HK because you don't live there? I heard the living spaces in HK is really tiny. But girl, I would love to go visit, eat and shop! Lucky you, get to go there every year.

Corine said...

Little Corner of Mine: You're welcome,Ching.;) I used to live there for a while. The apartment I was living in was really tiny but cozy enough for 2 people. Rental is ridiculously high. I guess you're probably right. If I live for a good ten years in HK, I am not sure if I will still openly confessed that I love the place. I am still very drawn to the food and shopping as well as the company in HK. You should really make a trip to HK one day. =)

Sook said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful award! :) Oh and congratulations on the award, too! You very much deserve it.

Corine said...

Thanks for grabbing this award, Sook! You deserve this award too. You have far too many yummy recipes in your blog that I don't know which recipe to start first. :)

fimere said...

un prix bien mérité bravo
bonne journée

Erick said...

Congratulations for the award!! You deserve it :)

Corine said...

Fimere: Merci beaucoup encore pour donner me cette belle récompense et me pensant à.

Erick: Thank you.