Saturday, February 6, 2010

I love Pineapple Tarts

I love pineapple tarts (PT). I really do. The only reason I repeat my recipes can be contributed to a few possibilities:

(A) I failed during the first baking attempt;
(B) Request from friends ;
(C) I simply wanted to bake again for some occasion;
(D) It's the one recipe which didn't fail me or rather, I didn't fail the recipe;
(E) All of the above.

So,so...anyone could have guessed why I baked pineapple tarts again. It is for our upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY)!! My mum helped me with rolling the Pineapple JAm (PJ) into balls this time round. Thanks Mum! I wrapped each of ball of PJ with the pastry dough myself. And this time round, I counted every single PT I baked. One hundred and twelve PT minus 2 ( each one safe inside my mum's and my tummy). There is a need for quality check, so we nominated ourselves as the checkers for quality bake fit for consumption. Truth is, Dad is taking a nap and my elder brother, Elwin is never keen in my baking adventure. In summary, there are only 2 nominees. ;)

You can find my recipe here

Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate CNY!


Koffie's best friend said...

I'm a fan of Corine's bakes, and always will. But as an auditor, we've been trained to get 3rd party verifications for reliability whenever possible.

So with the honor of being corine's self proclaimed god sis, I got a box of 12 of these heavenly tarts again yesterday. I left the tarts on the dining table, and nudge my dad to try them before I went to bed. The next morning... my box of 12 is only left with 3! *Horror* So well, I guess that can only mean 1 thing..

My whole family is awaiting ur bakes again! HOHO!

Corine said...

Koffie's best friend: Hey 'God sis', am always happy to offer you my bakes. Happy that Uncle Koh aka future 'Godpa'enjoys my pineapple tarts. I trust your 3rd party verifications.

There will be more coming your way. Be patient. :)