Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yay! Mandarin oranges and Ang bao

On the first day of reporting back to work;i.e. the fourth day of CNY, each one of us is given a pair of mandarin oranges and a 'ang pao' (red packet with some money inside). Boy, everyone was so happy!!! Can you feel the joy I am feeling? Heheehehe... See the smiley cat on the extreme left? I bought a mini pot of fortune bamboos. They are said to bring fortune to one... NOw, this reminds me of a song (my all time favourite), 'Money, money, money..must be funny..In the rich man's, money, money, Always sunny, In the rich man's world...ah-haaa... All the things I could do... If I had a little money...It's a rich man's world...' Yes, I'm singing to myself softly to myself in my room now. I always sing this song when I go for singing session with my friends. I remembered I danced using Corine's style (you wouldn't want to see me dance, trust me) and sang during my last travel trip to Hong Kong. I performed in front of my gfs. They were laughing their ass off in the KTV room. I am not much of a performer but I enjoy making my friends laugh. A joker, yes I am. If I do make a fortune one day, I will sing Abba's 'MOney, MOney, Money' everyday. Joke of the day. Don't take me seriously. =)