Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

As mentioned in my earlier post, my mum kept my oven during the period of CNY, hence no baking for the time being. *sob* Since I can't do any baking, I shall make jello. I took out my heart shaped baking tray. I still happened to have a packet of strawberry flavour jello powder left and I used a can of longans. Here you go:

This heart-shaped jello with longans is meant for my family only. Not for any special someone. Not this Valentine Day at least. 

1 packet of Tortally Strawberry Jello (Instructions will show on the box)
1 can of longans or any fruits you desire.

1. Boil 250 ml of water. Pour the packet of jello into the hot water and stir until the jello powder dissolves.
2. Pour 250ml of cold water into the jello mixture, stir and mix well.Cooled the mixture.
3. Open the can of longans (any brand) and place the longans into the tray.
4. Place inside the chiller for 3 hours or until firm.
5. Serve when ready.

This is a simple and no frills jello dessert. It is nice to have them during the summer. Enjoy!


fimere said...

même si tu n'as pas cuisiné cette recette est sublime pour une magnifique st Valentin
bonne soirée

Corine said...

Hi Fimère,

Merci. Vous êtes très doux avec vos commentaires. =)

Sook said...

Happy Valentine's day! I am glad you enabled the comments because for some reason I was not able to comment on your blog. :) Lovely dish, too! Yum!

Corine said...

Happy Valentine' Day, Sook! I was finding alittle strange too that I didn't get any comments from you lately. heeheh...