Sunday, January 23, 2011

White Chocolate Truffles

I received a desserts book for Christmas pressie last year. It is a book about chocolate related desserts. I was delighted when I first received it. I so wanted to try one of the recipes immediately when I was at my friend's place,E especially so when E has all the necessary baking utensils and a built-in oven.

Well, I didn't wish to make a mess in the kitchen as my Christmas pressie for E, so I passed on the idea. Looking thru' the book, I decided on white chocolate truffles as the steps looked fairly simple to follow. I didn't think I did a good job in making these truffles. The truffles look like truffles but I'm not satisfied with the melted white choco.

I know my mistakes, I think, based on what I gathered from the  internet. I should do a double boil on the white chocolates and not let the white chocolates' bowl touch the water directly. My white chocolates seem to be melting initially but they turn lumpy and sticky after 15 mins or so. I know my preparation has gone horribly wrong. I added a spoonful of vegetable oil to smooth the white chocolates and it worked. Thanks to the magic of internet and my white chocolates are saved. Ain't sure how many truffles I can make out of these melted thingy. What I am sure is that I won't attempt to make chocolates truffles again until I am taught the proper way to prepare them. I shan't post  the recipe over here since I didn't do a good in making them. Sorry guys... :( However, I will not give up testing out other yummylicious recipes and will only post the recipe here after I know these recipes can be relied on safely. :)


Sook said...

I sure love truffles! Your white chocolate truffles look fabulous!

Corine said...

Thank you, Sook. =) I love truffles too.It wasn't easy making them especially the melting of the white chocolate chips. Chocolate making is an art and I am still a far cry from creating this art. :)

Nadji said...

Des truffes des plus délicieuses.
J'aime beaucoup.
Bonne journée et à bientôt.

Corine said...

Merci, Nadji. Ils sont gentils, mais je préfère la cuisson des biscuits, des gâteaux ou des tartes. ;)

Bonne journée