Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pineapple tarts III

Hi everyone, I'm back to my baking habits again. I was away for some time due to travelling. Went Europe for 3 weeks; touring with friends and some parts on my own. It was quite an experience, though I wish I won't experience the adventure again. No more winter travels to countries that snow. No way...

Chinese New Year is around the corner. And yes, I baked pineapple tarts again. This time I baked the PT using 3 different brands of butter. They are Lurpak, President and Anchor. A of them taste really good but Lurpak unsalted butter is definitely my first choice as it gave out the best aromatic buttery smell.Not forgetting the fact that Lurpak is also the most expensive butter. Using quality ingredients is impt in bringing out the best of dessert one is preparing. Quality may not necessarily means we've to use expensive ingredients all the time. If I can find a cheaper alternative and at the same time I get to enjoy tasty food, it'll be a bonus.

I will post new baking recipes soon. Happy New Year to all who drop by! =)


Nadji said...

Corine mon amie j'espère qu'à ton prochain à Paris, on pourra se voir.
Tes biscuits me semblent bien bons et on va attendre patiemment la recette.
See soon.

Corine said...

Salut Nadji, je l'espère un jour j'arrive à vivre à Paris et nous pouvons obtenir au goût uns et des autres desserts. Je vais travailler dur pour maîtriser le français aussi. =)

A bientôt

Gloria Baker said...

Corine thes elook awasome and delicious Im happy to find you blog in Fimere! x gloria

Gloria Baker said...

Corine waht lovely person are you! I really love baking! and I love baking when Im happy and sometimes when Im stressed!! huggs

Corine said...

Heys Gloria,

Thank you for dropping by my blog. Pineapple tarts are popular snacks served during Chinese New Year and they are really yummy and my favourite too. ;)

Baking always heightened my mood no matter what time of the day. It is great to know baking makes you happy too. Cheers to more baking!!

rosita vargas said...

I have liked very much your recipes, I have detained here because these sweets have been called me the attention, they meet delicious, also I liked your photos.
Thank you for following my blog that is of traditional Chilean food.
Embraces and fondness.

Corine said...

Hi Rosita,

Thank you for dropping by and glad to know you like the recipes and the photos i posted here.

I have not tried chilean food before but I hope to try the recipes on your blog. They look good too. :)

Have a good week ahead.