Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chocolate chips cookies

As Chinese New Year (CNY)is around the corner, I baked sweet treats suitable for guests to nibble on. After baking pineapple tarts, I baked chocolate chips cookies. I always like petite size desserts. What I did to the dough was roll them into 2 tsps size balls and put inside the freezer for 15mins. Don't worry if they are hard rock when you placed the cookie dough balls into the oven, they will form into nice petite almost round cookie when baked.
Note: if your dough is too soft, chill them for half an hour to firm the dough up abit. This is to prevent the cookies dough from spreading too fast in the oven during baking.

I love chocolate chips cookies!! You can find the recipes for these cookies in my earlier post under Cookies category. Enjoy!


Nadji said...

Ils semblent délicieux.
je t'en prends un ou deux.
See soon.

Corine said...

Bonjour Nadji,

Hehe, tu peux prendre trois ou quatre, car ils sont vraiment bouchées.

Have a good weekend. :)