Friday, June 4, 2010

Hong Kong 2010

Went Hong Kong on the last week of May. Caught up with some friends in HK and made new friends too. It was an good trip. I eat and shop and eat and shop. Had my favourite 'po lo bun' aka pineapple bun with bbq pork inside at some bakery shop in King's Road near Fortress MTR. I had two smelly beancurd (yum!!) at Mongkok.

Discovered some new local dishes which I have never tried before. Thanks to my friend, Heidi who brought me to explore new parts of HK. I made a new friend, Vendy who too brought me to new 'yum cha' restaurant called Tai Wing Wah in Yuen Long. Their dim sum were delicious and they are pricey at all. Only problem: too far from Hong Kong Island & Kowloon. I went Tai O Market and brought back some shrimp paste. I hope my mum can put the paste into good use... hahaa...Allow me to share some pics of my travel trip. Enjoy!


Miriam Bralli said...

Olá Corine,

Adorei passear com você, quanta coisa gostosa e quantos lugares bonitos, agradeço por compartilhar o seu dia a dia,

1000 Beijokinhas

Nadji said...

J'espère que tu nous as ramené quelques recettes bonnes à manger.
See soon.

fimere said...

tu as dû vraiment bien t'amuser
dommage que je n connais pas Hong Kong...:(

Corine said...

Miriam: Thank you very much. Hong Kong is a lovely place. ;)

Nadji: J'aime la nourriture d'Hong-Kong. J'espère que je peux attiser un plat cantonais décent. hehee =)

Fimere: Hong-Kong est un grand lieu pour la nourriture et les courses. J'aime Hong-Kong. ;)