Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday G!

Earlier on, I mentioned that I won't be baking till World Cup fever is over. Well, I changed my mind. I didn't bake anything new but my usual cocoa brownies with walnuts. One of my colleagues' birthday, G is around the corner and I planned to buy a birthday lunch. However, she requested for brownies. She tried the brownies I made some time back and she liked them since. I am still a far cry from making decent looked decorated birthday, so I will just offer G the brownies in its natural form. Probably, the baker (yes, me!!) today is in a good mood today, so the cake turned out nicely baked with no cracks. Woohoo!!

Not something fanciful, but something which hopes to warm your heart upon savouring it.
 Happy Birthday, G!


fimere said...

ils sont très gourmands ces brownies
bonne journée

Corine said...

Hey Fimere,

J'ai utilisé de farine soi-élevant au lieu de farine simple pour faire les brownies. Ils goûtent tout comme bon et très humide. J'aime des Brownies ! !

Avoir un bon weekend ! =)

Nadji said...

Délicieux brownies.
j'aime beaucoup.
Happy birthday G!
Bon weekend Corine

Corine said...

Merci Nadji! =)

bonne journée