Monday, April 26, 2010


Heys, my apologies for not posting any article on my baking experience for the past two months. I have not given up on my favourite interest: B.A.K.I.N.G. Before I continue to rattle on my baking session, I wanna talk about the amazing gifts I received from my good friend, May.
May knew I enjoy baking, so she bought me some baking items from Japan. I love cookies cutters. The dish cups look pretty too. I can't bear to use them until I perfected my cup cake bakes. I wonders if the apple tea from Japan taste similar to the one in Turkey. She bought a mini windmill house from Amsterdam (cute!) and a chocolate 'lollipop' ( also known as hot chocolate on a stick). See picture below.

 I want to make a dessert that is not so demanding/ time consuming. Tiramisu! Yes, Tiramisu. I haven't decided with whom I am going to share my desserts with. My family is definitely the first to try them, followed by my good friends. I try not to play favouritism in sharing my bakes. =P

Tiramisu 'naked' without the cocoa powder. Gonna chill them overnight before serving them. And of course, not forgetting to sprinkle cocoa powder over them. **Picture to be updated over the next 24 hrs.

Managed to make 2 mini tiramisu with the remaining filling. Too excited about my tiramisu making, so decided to post these 'almost' complete pictures of this dessert first.

The recipe is adapted from Teczcape ( <-- click here for the link ). Enjoy! =)


Sook said...

Oh I love tiramisu! Looks great!

Corine said...

I ain't a super fan of Tiramisu, Sook but after making this eggless dessert, I am beginning to grow fond of it. ;)

fimere said...

c'est mon dessert préféré
ta version de tiramisu sans œufs me plait beaucoup
bonne soirée

Corine said...

Hi Fimere,

J'aime cette version d'eggless tiramisu. Je n'aime pas l'idée d'avoir les jaunes d'oeuf crus dans mes desserts.

bonne soirée

Nadji said...

Je mets toujours des jaunes d'œufs dans mon tiramisu.
je vais tester ta version.
See soon.

Corine said...

Hi Nadji,

Please let me know if you like the eggless version after you test it. :) Good day to you.