Saturday, March 20, 2010


1614 is my winning bib number. I am going for a charity run exclusively for ladies on a Sunday morning @ 7am, 28 March 2010. For your information, I'm going for a leisure run, not a competitive one. However, I would still welcome all cheering support for my run for charity. I make sure I do not misplace my bib just days before my run in 2008, else I will be really really upset.

There is multiple means of doing charity. It doesn't have to be monetary donations if money is an issue. Share your blessings and happiness with the underpriviledged people. I count myself really lucky to be able to blog, go for fine dining, travel and be protected from the natural disasters. It pains me at times when I read reports of people under the attack of the merciless natural disasters.

Let us do our bit to help those who needs our help. Remember, every cent/ effort counts.

Updates after the run ( 30.03.10) :
I took 50 mins to complete the 5km run. Alrighty, I know there is nothing to boost about my timing. Probably, I should not even disclose the information here. Most importantly, I had fun going for the run, plus I am not the last runner to complete the run. =)


Sook said...

Good luck, Corine! That is so nice that you are doing a run for charity.

Corine said...

Thanks Sook! =P I just pray that I will not be the last to finish the run. =)