Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marble cake

I have been procastinating the baking of marble cake for some time. I studied recipe after recipe for marble cake (MC). It is hard to 'taste' the texture of the cake just by looking at the pictures as all of them look so delicious. The mood to bake has came back again.

MC + Chocolate chips = Yum + sinful = Extra workout to burn the calories

I adapted the recipe from Buttercake Bakery extracted from Los Angeles Times. I tweaked the recipe slightly.


2 1/2 cups sugar, divided ( I use 2 cups)
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (I use Hershey's cocoa powder)
1/4 cup light corn syrup ( I do not have corn syrup, so I use honey)
2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract, divided
2 2/3 cups flour ( I use plain flour )
2 teaspoons baking powder ( I did not add any)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup (2 sticks) butter
4 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup chocolate chips ( I use Hersheys' chocolate chips)

1. In a small saucepan, whisk together one-half cup of the sugar, the cocoa powder and corn syrup with 1/2 cup (4 fluid ounces) of hot water. Bring just to a simmer, stirring occasionally. Add a half-teaspoon of vanilla off the heat and set aside.
2. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter and lightly flour a 12-cup bundt pan.
3. In a medium bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt and set aside. In the bowl of a stand mixer (or in a large bowl if using a hand mixer), cream the butter with the remaining sugar until light and fluffy. Whisk in the eggs one at a time until thoroughly incorporated, then whisk in the remaining vanilla.
3. Whisk about a third of the flour mixture into the batter, then a third of the milk. Continue whisking in the flour mixture and milk, alternately and a little at a time, until everything is added and the batter is light and smooth.
4. Gently fold in the chocolate chips, then divide the batter into thirds. Pour a third of the batter into the prepared bundt pan.
5. Whisk the chocolate syrup with another third of batter, then pour this into the prepared bundt pan. Pour the remaining third of batter over this, lightly swirl the batters with a wooden skewer or knife to give a "marble" effect and place the pan in the oven.
6. Bake the cake until a toothpick inserted comes out clean and the cake springs back lightly when touched, about 1 hour. Cool the cake in the pan on a wire rack. Invert the cooled cake onto a serving platter and dust lightly with powdered sugar.

This marble cake is indeed very moist and delicious. The recipe is definitely a keeper. Enjoy!


fimere said...

il est magnifique et la texture parait très moelleuse comme je les aime
bonne journée

Geneva (",) said...

Hey babe, just tasted your marble cake. It's legendary and super duper delicious! I really like it very much!!! :) It's my favourite marble cake now! The chocolate's moistness is just nice and it's so tasty!

Cool Chic Style Fashion said...

deliziosa, ciao

Corine said...

Fimere: Merci. Ils sont très humides et doux. J'aime la texture.

Geneva: Thank you for enjoying the marble cake I made. =)

Stefania: Thank you.

Sook said...

I've always been fascinated by marble cake.. I am so impressed with yours. Looks great!

Corine said...

Sook: Thanks! You're being really sweet. =P

koffie's best friend said...

I cant belive I gobbled down everything just before dinner!! So well made to perfection and oh so scrumptious and truly irresistable!! Thanks for spoiling me silly yet again, sis! Hugs

Corine said...

Koffie's best friend: Hey babe, so glad that you like the cake. And thanks again for being so supportive of trying out my bakes everytime. *hugs*

huiling said...

hey gal, i actually bake out this cake, the recipe was definately a keeper. But for the first few steps, in ur recipe u actually mention abt one-half of hot water is 1.5 cup or 1/4 =0.25 cup?

thank you

Corine said...

Hi Huiling,

It is 1/2 cup of hot water. I will amend the one half cup to 1/2 cup. Less confusing and more readable.

Thank for dropping by and glad that you like the recipe too. =)

huiling said...

oh okay. noted. thank very much. looking forward to ur bakery!

Natacha said...

CORN SYRUP ??? why? why? why ?

Corine said...

Hi Natacha,

I do not know the particular reason to use corn syrup (cs)as this is what the recipe calls for it. I had used honey since I don't have cs on hand. You can use granulated sugar too for marble cakes.

Unknown said...

Can i use condensed milk instead of honey?...thanks for the recipe...going to make it for my-in laws!!!