Sunday, October 25, 2009

Should I bake or should I not?

Feeling lethargic on a sunday evening... I kept asking myself, 'should i bake? should I not?' If there are flowers in my house, I will pluck out every petal to decide. I've  already prepared all the ingredients I needed for my choice bake. Must be the evening jog that is making me tired. Or my mum's constant nagging that is making me tired. Ok, I am not serious on the nagging part. Dad, if you're reading this, I am really kidding!! =) I love my mum ( I really do) even though she resents the fact sometimes that she can't stop me from buying more and more baking tools.  I am finding 101 reasons not to bake tonight. Probably, I should spare my neighbours from the sound of beating the butter, sugar, egg etc etc for the night for once.  It's already 10pm now, Singapore time.

I decided. NO baking today, period.