Thursday, October 15, 2009

My very first checkerboard cookies

I have not started on my new job, hence I seems to be baking all the time. As I have 'all' the time in the world at this present moment, I'll attempt to bake as much as I can. I decided to bake checkerboard cookies. My very first and probably my last as I find the baking process very timing consuming (especially so when I'm not a veteran baker).  I came across this unique and interesting looking cookie when I was watching my favourite (still is) korean drama ' My name is Kim Sam Soon' a couple of years back.

I would imagine and try to visualise how to make this checkerboard cookies but nothing can come out of my head. I gave up. I decided to look for my best friend, the internet, to assist me in searching for a recipe which teaches me how to make this cute looking cookie. I needed the step-by-step instructions to guide me through this baking process. And thank goodness, I chanced upon Florence's  checkerboard cookies recipe.

I didnt think I did a great job in making the checkerboard cookies. The action I kept reperforming was chilled the shaped dough, rechilled again , rechilled again and more rechilled of the cookie dough. Weather in Singapore is extremely warm. Nevertheless, it was a good experience. For recipe and method, please kindly go to here .

Enjoy and have fun!


Sook said...

I've been wanting to make these for a while now. Yours look wonderful!

Corine said...

Hi Sook,

Thank you. =) These checkerboard cookies will sure to 'impress' your guests and a hit with the young ones. Go give it try and tell me your experience. =P