Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Salut, ca fait long temps. It's been awhile since I last baked in Jan 12 for CNY. I enjoys baking for my classmates in my french class and my friends who are always game to try my sweet treats. Valentine's Day is around the corner... What are you planning for your loved ones?

Today, I baked (yes, again) shortbread butter cookies and they are all heart-shaped ones to match the Valentine's Day theme. I wanted to make cookies in the shape of gingerbread man, but due to time constraints, I decided to stick to just heart-shaped cookie cutter. And also added some heart-shaped sprinkles. For recipe of this, please click here.

It's always sweet to receive handmade gifts especially sweet treats. Remember, Valentine's Day is a day for friends too, not just lovers. Happy Valentine's Day!! :)))


Nadji said...

Happy Saint Valentin. Tes biscuits sont très réussis.
Je t'en prends un avant de repartir.
A très bientôt

Corine said...

Happy Saint Valentin, Nadji!!! Merci. Bonne journee!

Nadji said...

Merci de ton passage et à très bientôt

Nadji said...

J'espère que tes cours de français se passent bien que tu passeras bientôt le A2.
See soon