Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pineapple Tarts encore!!!

Bonjour! Hello! 您好!

It's been a long time. I promised I will bake something but I didn't. Je suis tres tres desolee. I went to Seoul during the last week of December in 2011 with my mum and my friend. It was quite a last min decision. I always love winter holidays but it was so cold that my mum fell sick on her first day in Korea. Anti-climax, yeah? She slept in while my friend and myself went out shopping and explored our surroundings (for the first day only). We love shopping in Korea; the skincare, hair accessories, earrings, clothes and food. Practically everything!!!!

 Kimchi fried rice is awesome! I shall try cooking some at home next time.
 BBQ pork can never go wrong... Best in Korea!! Love the korean side dishes too...

Spicy tofu seafood soup - my favourite! 

 Korea noodles are yummy too. Bought some back. Gonna get a carton back next time.
Yes, they are all mine! I love hair accessories alot especially hairbands.

Yummy ricecakes and pan-fried dumplings...

Ok, back to pineapple tarts (PT). Come 22 Jan 11, it will be Chinese New Year. Pineapple tarts are favourites among asians. I always believe in using the best quality butter when I bake cookies, cakes etc. And my favourite brand is always Lurpak but it is too pricey. I only used it when I make shortbread cookies. I decided to try other brands of butter that are more affordable and second or third best to my Lurpak. Yes, my lurpak. *winkz* For this CNY, I bought President, Golden Churn, Lurpak, SCS. I know I may sound biased. Lurpak is a sure win for having the best buttery smell. I tried GC, it pales in comparision for buttery smell. When I bake brownies, GC is my only choice. Next, I tried SCS, it gives out a decent buttery smell and I liked the texture of the pastry dough. For the pastry dough for my pineapple tarts which I baked in the past, only Lurpak and President don't fail me. For recipe, please click here.

Happy Chinese New Year wherever you are!!!


Gloria Baker said...

Bonjour dear:) Love these pineapple tarts, look yummy and I love your hair accesories ,Happy chinese New year!!

Corine said...

Hey Gloria, sorry for such a late reply. Have a wonderful 2012 ahead!!! xx