Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baked terriyaki salmon with angel hair pasta in garlic sauce

Need to fix my own dinner went surfing the internet for interesting recipes after checking out what ingredients I have on hand. My dinner must be healthy and not too difficult to prepare. Most importantly, I don't wish to mess up my mum's kitchen. Key ingredients: angel hair pasta, terriyaki sauce. Thanks to internet/goggle, I decided on angel hair pasta in garlic sauce and baked terriyaki salmon. Simple, healthy and appetising looking ( in my eyes)... hehehe... Click here for preparation of angel hair pasta in garlic sauce. The garlic sauce is awesome! Before I prepared it, the reviews have already given me alot of reassurance. Definitely a keeper. For the baked salmon, i first removed the skin because I found it rather yucky. For proper guide on preparing baked terriyaki salmon, please click here. Am gonna try pan-fried terriyaki fish the next time round, terriyaki chicken too when I am well. Moral of the story: Don't be sick, you will miss all the good food. *cough cough*
Bon Appetit!