Saturday, July 28, 2012

Japanese Curry

Made japanese curry again. This time round, I used lean pork because I was coughing quite badly, hence omitted chicken. Everyone says (at least for my family and friends) when you are having a cough, you must avoid eating chicken as it will aggravate your cough. An easy dish ( difficult to fail) to prepare and can be filling to the stomach with a bowl of rice or maybe, two. I wanted my jap curry to look more appetizing, so used my cookie cutters on my pickled radish. Tadaaa!!!! Cute right? Bon appetit!


Gloria Baker said...

hi Corine Je aime beaucoup cette recette Im happy see you again!
this look absolutely nice:)

Corine said...

Hey Gloria, thanks for dropping by. It's nice to see you here again... :P My standmixer broke down and yet to replace a new one, hence havent been baking since.