Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sushi roll

As mentioned in my previous post, my stand mixer has RIP. I have yet to buy a new mixer, so I won't be posting any baking activities. Since I can't bake, I decide to make sushi. I love sushi and there are times I wish I can have sushi whenever I have cravings for them. Besides, it is more economical and we can choose the ingredients we want in our sushi too. We can prepare healthier form of sushi and we know that we are getting freshly prepared sushi... Bon appetit!


Nadji said...

Tes soushis sont très réussis. Magnifique.
A bientôt

Corine said...

Merci Nadji.Il n'etaient pas magnifique mais ils etaient mangeables. hehe Desolee pour tard response... :)

Bonne week-end