Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Mastered my courage to bake croissants. Outcome? Sort of fail. It resembles vaguely like one though. Even if it doesn't, the title of my post already tells you the answer. Save me from further embarrassment too. *ahem* I shan't post any recipe (of course I shouldn't...) until the day comes when I bake decent croissants. And guess what? My mixer reached its end of life too. It died right after I made the dough. *rolled eyes* What a timing! This gives me a good reason to buy my dream stand mixer: KitchenAid. Yes, you heard it alright, my KitchenAid stand-mixer!!! Now, now pretty awful pics of my croissants. heehee... It was quite an adventure, very time-consuming and thankfully, they are edible with my family members being the guinea pigs. 
Cookies, cakes suit me better... mais pas pains ou croissants... Il est difficile pour faire croissants... Je pense que je vais essayer une autre fois. :)

Updated on 4 May 12: 
I didn't finish baking all the croissant dough... so I continued after work on Friday. :)