Saturday, April 7, 2012

Japanese Curry et Strawberry Jello No-bake cheesecake

Happy Easter Day! On this day, we had a potluck event at one of my friend's place. I volunteered to prepare japanese chicken curry. The others brought drinks, finger foods and tidbits.
I love japanese chicken curry. It is a fairly easy dish even for someone who does not know how to cook. At the back of the japanese curry box, they gave instructions on how to prepare the dish.
I made strawberry jello no bake cheesecake for my friends in my french class. As I was running out of time, I chilled the cheesecake in the freezer. It saved me half the time I need to get them ready. Glad they turned out fine.
These are the easter eggs I gave to my friends during the gathering on Easter Day. Yes, Kinder Joy with toy surprise!!! Yippie!!

Happy Easter Day!


Nadji said...

Corine mon amie, je te souhaite de joyeuses pâques bien gourmandes.
Un poulet au curry qui semble très bon.
J'aurai mangé avec vous avec plaisir.
A très bientôt

Corine said...

Salut Nadji, merci mon amie, pour visiter mon blog. Happy Easter Day to you aussi! j'espère que nous rencontrerons bientôt.:)))

Bonne jeudi. :)))

Nadji said...

Merci de ta visite et je te souhaite un très bon weekend.
A bientôt