Saturday, October 29, 2011

Egg Tarts

Finally, I got my lazy self to bake again. And yes, I get down to bake egg tarts. I love egg tarts. Be it Singapour version ou HK version. The latter definitely tastes better. This is my first attempt, so I was rather nervous. Studying recipes is a necessity for me as I do not wish to fail badly ( but I was prepared to fail  since it was my first attempt). Thankfully, I chanced upon Auntie Yochana's recipe for ET.

And yes, this egg tart recipe is definitely a keeper!!! However, my ETs are definitely not a looker. :)

I got up early in the morning on Saturday to prepare the ingredients for my ET.  Reason being I wanted to bring my fresh bakes for my classmates in my french class. And I am so glad that they enjoyed the tarts. Not trying to say that I bake well but rather, the recipe is awesome. However, I find that I still have quite abit of custard filling leftovers, so I got to make extra dough.

Pate Sucree:
125 gm. Butter - chilled ( I use lurpak unsalted butter)
60 gm. icing sugar
1/2 egg white
1 egg yolk
200 gm. plain flour
1/2 tsp. vanilla essence
Egg Custard:
280 gm. fresh milk
160 gm. sugar ( I reduced to 130gm )
3 eggs
1 tsp. rum (I omitted)
1/2 tsp. vanilla essence
(1) For pate sucree: beat butter and icing sugar till well-mixed.
(2) Add in white and yolk and mix.
(3) Add in vanilla essence and then the flour and mix into a dough. Rest for 10 mins. Press dough into small tart moulds.
(4) Bake the tart shell till half-cooked.
(5) For egg custard, heat sugar and milk together. Once sugar dissolves, off heat.
(6) Whisk eggs and pour into the milk mixture. Do not whisk till frothy.
(7) Add in vanilla essece.
(8) Sift the egg custard and pour into tart moulds and bake at 175C for 20 mins  or till egg custard sets.

I will bake this again and before I do that, I am going to buy egg tart moulds. For egg tart lovers, do give this a try. Pardon my ugly looking tarts, but they do taste yummy!!! This is a fairly easy bake. Enjoy!!

Updated photo on 4/11/11:
Bought aluminium foil tart moulds. Now, my egg tarts looked decent now. :)


Gloria Baker said...

Dear I love eggs tarts and these look delicious ! gloria

Corine said...

Wow Gloria, you are fast!!! Haha... I love egg tarts too. Xx

Gloria Baker said...

Dear dont worry I always Im happy when you stopping by!! LOL

Nadji said...

Des tartelettes qui me semblent tout à fait délicieuses.
J'aime beaucoup.
A très bientôt

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Hélène (Cannes) said...

I love those little things too ... ;o)

Corine said...

Merci Nadji. :)

Thanks for dropping by, Albert. :)

Me too. I love desserts in bite sizes (petit fours). They Always look apetitzing and cute. Thanks for dropping by, Helene. :)

Cooking Gallery said...

One of my favourite Asian desserts!! I wish I could just easily buy them here :(. Yours look so nice, I wish I could grab one ;)!

Corine said...

Thanks CG! I wish I could too. :P I love your bentos too. Yum yum!!

Gloria Baker said...

Dear Corine about caramelized nuts (I always use for salad too) You have to make to slow heat only by a while (yes I burnt somones sometimes) and only golden them and stir with a woodenspoon is for a while only and then let rest in aluminium foil before to use, and wait they are cool to garnish ,xxgloria

Corine said...

Thanks Gloria for this wonderful tip!!! :P