Monday, February 7, 2011

Europe trip 2010

Since I am not baking during the Chinese New Year period, I shall post some pictures of my trip to some places in Europe. It was a little 'adventuurous' for me during some parts of my trip. One unforgetable experience was me being trapped in Copenhagen Airport for 2 days due to blizzard condition in Europe. I was supposedly due to leave Copenhagen in the evening after visiting my friend, KH living in Esbjerg over one weekend. To my horror, all flights were cancelled on the day of my departure. Used to be dependant on my bf then when there was any hipcups (if any) during our overseas trips together. But now, I am on my own. I was glad my friend in Denmark did his best to help me to deal with whatever problems I faced when I was trapped. The agent office for my airline wasn't very helpful at all, much to my disappointment. Most importantly, I returned back to London just in time for shopping, musicals and Christmas celebration with my friends.
Hotel Gare Du Nord
Loved this hotel. Very popular with tourists and very near to Gare Du Nord Terminal. I love the location and the receptionist is very friendly and speaks fluent English. I tried to speak some French but thought it's better I just simply communicate in English. Haha

Macarons seem like a favourite among many but I hadn't tried any till I arrived in Paris. I heard of Pierre Herme, like he is some great and famous pattisier/chef (pardon me if I got any of his facts wrong). So, when I chanced upon his macarons counter in Galeries Lafayette, I decided to buy some to try. Wow, these M are so good! Now, I truly understand why these puny savoury desserts are so popular among many.

Thorntons chocolates: My favourite.
After spending 3 days in Paris, I travelled to London via Eurostar to meet my friend, M. She happened to be on a business trip in London for about 2 weeks. And lucky for me, I got to stay in the same room with her in a 5* hotel in Gloucester Road. Yay!!!! And the best part is, we explored London and watched muscial together over the weekend.

London Eye
Leicester Square, London
Place where all the greatest muscials are located. I'm not in love with London but the West End musicals... Miss them terribly. :(

Chinatown, London
Bruges, Belgium
This is a place I must visit regardless how many times I visit Europe. Let me correct myself again. Be it Brussels or Bruges, it is part of my must-go places in Europe. I visited Brussels 4 years ago. 4 years later, to Bruges. I was told by my friend how beautiful Bruges is. Can't agree more. The fact is I love Belgian chocolates so much that I would bring a truckload of chocolates back if I can. Trust me, I would. 

Belgian frites with amazing special mayonaise dip... Yum
My total chocolate buys in Bruges. I love CHOCOLATES, I really do. Seeing is believing. :)
Covent Garden, London
Back in London after a day trip to Bruges. So it is back to shopping and muscials again. There are too many lovely pictures of the places I visited but I am unable to load for all to view. My apologies. But there is this one picture I love alot. As shown below:
Photo with Santa Claus in Esbjerg, Copenhagen.
 It was an unexpected photo. I was merely taking a picture of the train the Santa is driving along the pedestrian walk between the rows of shophouses in Esbjerg. Suddenly, the train stopped in front of me. Uncle Santa signalled me to go to him. And before I know it, Uncle Santa asked my friend to take a photo of us together. I was sooo delighted. I never imagine myself taken picture together with a Santa Claus. Wow, it seems like a childhood dream came true for me. Miracles do happen if you believe in them.


fimere said...

de superbes photos et un magnifique reportage
merci pour le partage
bonne soirée

Nadji said...

Il y a des endroits que je connais très bien. J'adore les frites belges.
Je pense que tu as fait un magnifique voyage.
See soon.

Corine said...

Salut Fimere,

Merci.J'aime beaucoup voyager. J'espère visiter d'autres parties de l'Europe dans l'avenir.

bonne journée

Corine said...

Oui, Nadji. Frites belges sont très délicieux.les gaufres belges sont très délicieux aussi.

J'aime la Belgique en particulier leur nourriture! Il me manque la Belgique, Paris, Londres déjà.

à bientôt


Son fotos muy bellas corine ,me encantaría estar en esos lugares hermosos,muy buen reportage ,así nos llevas a eso lugares que tu conoces a diario,abrazos y bendiciones por tu blog.

Corine said...

Hi Rosita,

Gracias por disfrutar de las fotos publicadas aquí. Me encanta viajar mucho y hacer mi mejor esfuerzo para recordar todos los lugares i viajó a. Muchas gracias por ser tan dulce aquí. *Hugz*