Monday, December 13, 2010

Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour Paris!

Oui, Je suis dans Paris. Je reste dans un hôtel à la Gare du Nord maintenant. My basic french is really basic. A gauche, a droite, continuez tout droite helps me alot. Also BOnjour, merci beaucoup, pour aller etc... I wish I know more french. Oh well, another 1 yr of french lessons should do me good.

Saw the little boy? He climbed all the way up on the mini snowy slowly. Cute.

Never tried macarons before. So I bought some from a macarons counter in Galleries Lafayette in Paris. I know Pierre Herme is someone rather renowed for his pattisier skills. They were quite good. I will try Laduree and get their macaroons (more expensive than Pierre Herme) before I return to Singapore. They packed the M in a pretty box, which explains why they cost more than PH. Gonna pack some back for my family to savour. I won't be baking for the time being. I will spend my white christmas in London and Paris.

Merry X'mas everyone! Enjoy yourself to the fullest this X'mas! ;)