Monday, August 16, 2010

I am back!!

I went Korea 2 weeks ago with my mum and my good friend, kjl for 8 days. I was overwhelmed by the wondrous range of skincare products sold in Korea. Not only are they cheaper than the ones sold in Singapore, they worked magically on my skin. Tried different masks daily during our trip to see which mask gives us the best result. Our choice: Gold Cavier Collagen Mask from Skinfood. It leaves your skin looking fairer and very supple. Note: Do use the remaining liquid left in the mask pack and spread over your neck. Neck needs treatment too. I love the complexion of korean women, leaves many feeling envious. In summary, mum, myself and kjl sis bought many many skincare products and some lovely hair accessories from Korea. It is a pity that we didnt have much time to do more shopping for clothings. Love the fashion there too.
On our way to some popular korean drama scenic places in Jeju.

Mum and me!! Oops,can't 'insert' sis into the pic. Hehe...

Rice cakes!!! My favourite!! Yum!!!

Made my own very first kimchi.

Made my first ice cream!!! Gonna use electric hand mixer next time, less tiring. =)

Love the freebies that come together with the purchase of the skincare products.

I enjoyed myself very much in Korea. I would love to visit Korea again, probably with my mum again 2 years later. It is always good to get out of Singapore. Missing Korea already...