Sunday, August 1, 2010

Checkerboard Cake (Almost...)

Been a little lazy lately plus I was busy making plans for a holiday trip with my mum and my good friend, KJL. Another four days, I will be out of town again.... Yay!!! Well, before I leave my blog in the cold for 2 weeks, I shall attempt to bake something which I have been wanting to explore for ages: Checkerboard cake. I made checkerboard cookies last year and all my friends were amazed how I did that. They were a real show stopper anytime during parties.

I followed the recipe from Joy of Baking. Every step is the same except that I used cocoa powder for my chocolate batter (3/4 cup). The batter is not enough for my 3rd  cake tray. It is so anti-climax. I used the remaining batter for marble cup cakes (just enough for two). Very tiring process making checkerboard sweet treats. Now, my shoulders are aching... I need a massage badly.

There is a divider that comes with the cake tray.

The back of the cake looks so neat.
One can never go wrong with covering the cake with chocolate ganache. Yum!

Enjoy!! =) If there is a next time, I would definitely make again with ample batter for my checkerboard cake. The cake is definitely yum!


Nadji said...

Un beau damier. Très réussi.
Bonne semaine et à bientôt.

fimere said...

ton damier est sublime, c'est de l'excellent travail
en plus il est trop gourmand, j'adore
bonne journée

Corine said...

Nadji: Merci. Je vais essayer à nouveau avec trois plateaux de gâteaux, de sorte qu'il ressemble davantage à un damier. =)

Bonne journée à vous.

Fimere: Merci d'aimer le gâteau damier. =)

Bonne journée à vous.

Lucia said...

Una torta meravigliosa! Ci credo che ha stupito tutti! :-)

Corine said...

Hey Lucia,

Grazie grazie. E 'stata una sorpresa divertente per la mia famiglia e gli amici. Grazie per l'abbandono da parte. Mi sarebbe sicuramente cuocere di nuovo.

Bakertan said...

Hi Corine,

this cake looks good with the checkers! saw your zebra cake too, very interesting interiors/mid-sections for cakes.. amazing!

found your blog through foodie blogroll. I'm a baking addict too, lol

cheers and happy baking =]

Corine said...

HI Bakertan,

I love the checkerboard cake too. It looks kinda cute to be eaten. It got my friends & colleagues alittle excited when they saw the cake for the first time.

Zebra cake looks interesting too but i didnt quite like to use cooking oil in baking. The Taste was rather odd. Probably I did the baking in a wrong manner. hehe

Thanks for dropping by. ;)