Saturday, May 8, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Went to Universal Studios with my friends over the weekend. Tried the rides, some rides i took more than once and there is one that nearly got me an heart attack! This ride is really 'cool', so cool that I almost cried. :) No kidding, my eyes were kinda red after the ride. Took pictures, had lunch and bought some shirts, mugs etc...
There is some disappointment as 2 major rides are still under maintenance. Oh well, no major loss too since I bought the ticket at a heavily discounted price, thanks to my good friend KJL. I will visit USS again when all the rides are completed in 2011, hopefully.

The mummy ride (can't remember the exact name for it) is the one that made my heart stopped for a beat. This is how we looked after one of the rides:

How nice it would be to own a bakery shop like this.

Saw the dinosaur water tumbler? Our favourite item bought in USS. RRROoAAarrrr!!!

Summary on our outing: Fun, fun, fun!! I would never say no to amusement parks, rides (depends on level of excitement) and my company for this wonderful 'excursion' was amazingly fantastic.


Koffie's best friend said...

YEA I'd so much fun tooo!!! USS cant be any more fun & exciting with the right grp of friends!! Some muscle aches to come along at e end of e day, but all worth it :D

Corine said...

I can't agree more on this, sis. I wanna visit USS again when all the rides are ready. =)