Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swiss and Austrian chocolates

A really sweet and good friend of mine, May got me some sweet treats from Switzerland and a magnet from there. In fact, it was me who requested for some chocolates and a fridge magnet. Plus, she always helps me get some stuff from DFS whenever she travels out of Singapore. She never says no and does her best to help or give moral support whenever she can. I am really blessed for such a great friendship.

This is what she got me:

Lindt chocolates are very premium type of chocolates and one of my favourites too. They are rather pricey and I don't indulge in them often. I tried Mirabell Mozart (MM) chocolates over ten years ago, I can't recall how they taste like but they are defiinitely fantastic! Life is wonderful when one can get to savour mouth-watering chocolates from Switzerland and Austria. Thank you, May. =)


Sook said...

What a good friend you have! I love trying different types of chocolates from different parts of the world. I think they all taste a little different wherever you go. Koreans (where I come from) like dark chocolate, really dark. So you will find great dark chocolates in Korea. :)

Corine said...

Yes, I am very lucky indeed. I have yet to visit Korea but I would love to visit there one day. The best chocolates I had so far were from Belgium, the freshly made ones in Brussels. Another of my favourite chocolates are those from Ghiradelli in San Francisco. I so love chocolates. ;)