Sunday, January 3, 2010

My first mini baking class

Conducted a private mini baking class for my friends. Why mini? Because there are only 2 students, K and IS. Another student, MY couldn't make it due to work. What a shame. It was an interesting experience for me. My cute gfs had their fun too, taking instructions from me. Thanks K for allowing us to use your kitchen for this wonderful baking session and sending me home after the baking session.

Yay! I felt the adrenaline rush when all the ingredients are displayed beautifully. Display by IS.

It is alot faster when each of us help to crush the oreo cookies...

Can anyone spot the weird looking egg in this picture? No prize for correct answer.


I promised I will be extra nice and patient to my students and I did as promised. I taught the girls (A) cocoa brownies, (B) strawberry jello no baked cheesecake and (C) baked cheesecake. Baked cheesecake was a last minute addition. You can see  how happy K and IS were when I told them we can try baking a mini cheesecake using the last roll of oreo cookies.

K and IS are bright students and are not trouble-makers (Nope, they didn't pay me any $$$ to praise them, hehe). They executed every single instructions correctly. Anyone can bake well if they want to. K's hubby offered us some brilliant suggestions during our baking process. He has no prior baking experience and that he said he use common sense and logic. I'm impressed. Very.

I want a big oven too in the future for my new home.

K has tons of walnuts bought from Australia, so we tried to beautify the brownies with them.
It was a tiring day for K, IS and myself. We baked from 11.30am till 6pm. We tried to take a photo of almost every single baking procedure. The outcome of the bakes: Yum! I didn't know baking class can be so fun ( although it is kinda energy draining). MY, if you're reading this, you know that you've missed the chance of savouring 3 yummylicious desserts. I enjoy passing my knowledge to my friends or anyone who wants to learn baking. I need to take a longer break before I conduct another baking class. How I wish someone can give me a body massage right now. =)