Friday, January 29, 2010

My first Blog Award

Yay! I am given my first blog award. Honest Scrap Award!! Is this real life? I never dream of having a blog award but it is always cute seeing other bloggers being given one. My feeling right now? GGrreaaattt!!! This award is given by Sook from My Fabulous Recipes . Sook cooks/bakes yummylicious food. From Korean to Chinese to Italian to Japanese cusine and the list goes on and on. Her food always look Fabulous just like her blog title. I am loss for words. I told my family, ' Hey, I'm given an blog award.' No response. Probably, everyone was too engrossed in watching the primetime soap opera. Or I was too softspoken. I don't expect a pat on my shoulders by my parents as I ain't a little girl no more. At least, say something like, 'Well done, Corine.' Or something like,' We're so proud of you, darling.' Make me happy for two...three... seconds. It won't hurt right? Hahaha... I am kidding. I adores fishing some compliments from my parents out of fun sometimes. My good friend, KJL always tells me, Self-praise is no praise.

I know I need to share 10 honest things about myself with you. Hmmm... let me see... Here they are:

1.  I love baking, I really do and I always get excited when I hop into a shop selling baking needs. I seldom step out of the shop empty-handed each time.

2.  It took me almost three years to get down to creating my food blog. And here I am, more addicted than ever in baking.

3. I will attempt to learn to bake the desserts I enjoy eating. And once I know how to bake them (after successful attempts), I would let my friends and family savour them. That is the only way to evenly distribute the calories.

 4. I have a soft spot for horsehoes. I like them as an accessory, a fridge magnet or an ornament to hang on the wall. I just can't get enough of them.

5. Getting a birthday cake for my family and loved ones is a must for me. Yes, COMPULSORY. No birthday will be completed without a birthday cake.

6. I love travelling overseas and I wish I can finish watching all the musicals in London West End while my eyesight is still good. I wish to go on a road trip to the United States or Europe this year. If I visit the US, I wish I can meet up with Sook if my itinerary allows me. =)
7. I love smelly beancurd from Hong Kong. Visiting Hong Kong is never complete without having at least one smelly beancurd. They stink real bad but they are yummy!! I love Hong Kong , don't ask me why.

8. I majored in accounting in most part of my education years. I glad I chose this path as I had an amazing experience as an auditor.

9. Loves the food bloggers who share their fabulous recipes selflessly on their blog and their baking tips. It thrills me everytime I see a new comment on my post. Blogging about my bakes never fails to cheer me up when I am down.

10. I love watching cartoons. My favourites are: Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, Carebears and Smurfs.

I apologized for not passing the award to 10 favourite food bloggers. I am still a newbie to food blogging, hence kinda shy to ask my favourite bloggers to get the awards. Thanks again for this sweet award, Sook and you are one of my favourite food bloggers too! :) I love your F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S posts. =P

These are my favourites:
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fimere said...

bravo pour ce prix tu le mérites ça nous a permis de te connaitre encore plus
bonne journée

Corine said...

Hi Aux délices des gourmets,

Haha, merci. =)

Nadji said...

Congratulations for your prise.
See soon

Corine said...

Thank you,Saveurs et Gourmandises! Thanks for dropping by. :)