Monday, December 21, 2009

The time of giving

I love Christmas. That is a time where I will prepare a modest pack of goodies bags for my colleagues and selected priviledged friends. I love the joy of giving. Love the smile on each and everyone's faces upon receiving of a tiny surprise. It made them happy. It made me happy too. I think I spent a significant amount of money in my goodies this year. A large bulk of the money spent goes to the slightly pricey Japanese chocolates called Royce. They are not as premium as Godiva but they are still quality chocolates (Thorntons is always my favourite UK brand of chocolates). I paired these chocolates with some sweets, lollipops, crackers etc...

I always feel a tinge of regret when I commenced packing these sweet treats. I need to ensure there are an equal number of goodies in each bag by counting away.

I feel like I'm some packer working in a factory. Took me a good 1hr 30mins to finish the packing.

Finally, my finished products! Yay!


Sook said...

Your colleagues are lucky! These goodies look awesome!!

shumin said... i have a share 2??....:p

Corine said...

Sook: Thank you. =)It is fun preparing these during X'mas.haha

Shumin: For your son, yes. For you, no. =P