Friday, December 4, 2009

New York Cheesecake II

I made New York Cheesecake (NYCK) again last Sunday. Made them for my favourite Reina, baby of my friend, K. She is one bubbly baby at 15 months old. My parents love her too especially my mum. Reina just knew how to win the hearts' of many who met her. Back to my cheesecake. I beat the eggs lightly first before  mixing them with the rest of the ingredients. You can refer to here for the recipe. My cheesecake looked kinda yellow for the second bake. I wonder if there is any difference between beating with whole eggs and beating with lightly beaten eggs. Whatever the case may be, my NYCK turns out fine. No water bath method used for this round but the cake is still moist and soft. Cheers to fresh bakes!