Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Pressies from my friends and colleagues

I love Yami Yorgurt. One of the sweet treats my two colleagues got for everyone in the office. Yum! Yay to all pressies from my colleagues. I can't bear to open them till X'mas is over.
I love receiving flowers. The last time I received one was from my gfs for my birthday this year. A nice and sweet surprise X'mas pressie from a good friend of mine. Thank you!
The Britney Spears cd was from my wish list. I wished for the latest album from Britney Spears as I love the song 'Womanizer'. I got the singles' collection from her first album to the latest. It was great!!

A wonderful gift from another good friend. Thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you. Merry Christmas everyone and have a wonderful holiday!