Sunday, December 20, 2009

Almond London Cookies

A very fulfiling Sunday. Baked cocoa brownies for an order from a friend. Was kinda busy last weekend, so I postponed the baking order to this sunday.

The brownies are meant for 15-20 people, so I can cut a larger piece for the brownies.

Feeling underaccomplished, I decided to bake almond london cookies. I have been baking from 3pm to 945pm. My feet are so sore now. =( The only time I sat down was during my dinner time. I didn't count the number of london cookies which I rolled into a ball. Having to decorate them was such a chore. At the same time, I hate to serve them plain looking.

See, aren't they cute? I love the sprinkles from Wilton.

The recipe is adapted from Sweet Jasmine. I will post the recipe when I have the time. Kinda drained at the moment... =)