Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You, Pushy Panda! Thank You, SL!

I have a brand new look for my blog. NOt a big change, I merely change the plain-looking blog title with a banner. Yay!!! I can never be happier. There is a LOT of EFFORT in creating this beautiful banner. Every single detail is designed as closely to the theme of my blog title, ' Confessions of a Baking Addict'. Yes, I am an addict, an addict in baking. I always look forward to the weekend, so that I can study which recipe to explore. I will do my utmost best to carefully distribute the desserts loaded with calories to my family and friends after each baking session.

Back to my new blog look, the creative minds behind this banner are my super duper nice babe's boyfriend, A aka Pushy Panda and the babe is SL (she created this cutesy baking addict with A enhancing the image). This is A's link : . I saw one of A's works, he is very good with animation. Do check out his website if you need some help in designing website domain and many others. I was extremely, yes, u heard me right, EXTREMELY pleased when SL presented to me the almost completed first draft of the banner. I was in awe/overwhelmed/elated/excited/ecstatic when I saw the final product. Ok, I'm thrilled. I feel more complete with a banner too which is meant solely for my food blog. Unique and special.

Thank You, Pushy Panda! Thank You, SL!


Sook said...

Love the new banner!

Corine said...

Thanks! Really thankful to my friend's bf's help. =P

VINCENT said...


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Anonymous said...

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Corine said...

Hi Anonymous, thank you for your sweet comments and taking time to read my articles. Thank you for dropping by. ;)